ONHYS is delighted to announce its contribution to an ambitious new european project, CrowdDNA.

This is a radically new concept to assist public space operators in the management of crowds. CrowdDNA is a first attempt to combine biomechanical and behavioral simulation in complex scenarios of interactions between many humans. It will revolutionize the practices of crowd management to answer the requirements of modern society on safety and comfort.

ONHYS will contribute expertise on decision support system development. Our ambition is to further develop #ONHYSONE in order to enable the management of very high densities, both for organisers and for people in the crowd.

Kicking off this week, the project will progressively research and develop the new generation of crowd technology over the next 4 years.

Coordinators : Julien Pettré (EPI Rainbow) with the involvement of Charles Pontonnier, Anne-Hélène Olivier and Ludovic Hoyet (EPI Mimetic)

Partners : University of Leeds, university of Rey Juan Carlos, University ULM, Crowd Dynamics Ltd and Onhys.

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Posted in Actuality, Achievements on Nov 09, 2020