C++ Backend R&D Engineer

Contact: job@onhys.com

Company description

ONHYS is an innovative startup editing crowd simulation software. Our approaches are based on advanced autonomous agent based simulation and many techniques associated with cognitive sciences. Our areas of expertise include the BIM/GIS fields, paralleled computation technologies, 3D rendering, the theory of graphs and others. Our simulator can reproduce the diversity of daily behaviors in order to better understand the dynamics of premises depending on individual and collective needs.

ONHYS is currently involved in several R&D programmes in order to consolidate its offerings with field data acquisition and processing tools, real-time analysis and execution modules, as well as advanced behavior reproduction modules.

Joining ONHYS - at the heart of the Sophia Antipolis technopole - is integrating a dynamic and sunny environment (close to the sea by the way, which is always appreciated). It is also about taking part in major projects in collaboration with french and international research laboratories, key industrial accounts and public authorities.

Come share our passion for new technologies and let us take up new challenges together!

Job description

As part of a new project, we open two positions, one of which is this R&D backend (simulation system and data processing) engineer position. You will participate in the design and development of real-time flow data acquisition and pedestrian simulation in complex environment systems.

As an R&D backend engineer, you will be responsible for the design, prototyping and the production of new components of our simulation platform. These will cover the fields of spatial data (GIS / CityGML) import, spatialised data processing, as well as simulation and rendering (OpenGL).

You will work in our premises in Sophia Antipolis, and occasionally make business trips in France or abroad to attend events and meet collaborators.

You are a challenger, passionate, a team-worker, independent and proactive. You practice the Graph Theory every weekend. You speak C++ fluently with a strong BOOST accent; the word "template" makes you think about SFINAE/STL/PTRC instead of Word. You count sheeps by powers of two. Your resolution for 2017 was 1080p... and you've smiled at least once while reading this paragraph: then join our team!

Skills and qualifications


  • You are a woman and/or a man.
  • Proactive, resourceful and enthusiastic: a problem is an opportunity to look for new solutions!
  • Curious, you are browsing StackOverflow every morning.
  • Team worker, we are nerds, yes, but social ones...
  • Autonomous and rigorous, this position has to naturally evolve to a project manager one.


  • Advanced experience in software design and development, including mastering computanional complexity calculations and design documentation.
  • Mastering meta-programming with templates (90% of our systems are made that way).
  • Good knowledge of multithreaded programming.
  • Good knowledge of 2D/3D geometry.
  • Some Qt bases in order to interact with the frontend engineering team.
  • Knowledge of the following development environment: Windows, MSVC (with inclinations to GCC portability), Doxygen, Redmine, Git.

Training and experience:

  • Master in mathematics/computer sciences.
  • At least a major project (industry or academic) as a C++ development engineer.


  • French and English professional level, at least one both written and spoken.
  • Did we mention C++?

Contract and salary

12 month fixed term contract. Perspectives depending on the development of the company.

Net salary 30-40 k€ / gross 38-51 k€.

Restaurant vouchers and health insurance.