Man/woman R&D engineer
Agent based distributed simulator

Our company

ONHYS is an innovative software company creating pedestrian behavior simulation software and providing mobility and security consulting. Founded by enthusiasts two years ago, the company brings high-tech solutions in the field of urban planning, Smart City and Smart Security, by implementing its own BIM and AI technologies. Dynamic and hyperactive, the company participates in many projects alongside renowned partners, and with the support of innovation enthusiasts: French Tech, Business Pole and Casa, CCI Nice Côte d'Azur, BPI France, INRIA , ANR, Village by CA (where we have our premises), and many others. We are keen on new technologies, exchanges and sharing.

Your mission

Join an innovative and motivating project, carried out in consortium alongside major industrial players, high-tech SMEs, renowned institutional and academic partners. As part of a new R&D team and under the direction of your dedicated project manager, draw the future of urban management by participating in the creation of the new ONHYS behavioral simulation solutions. The challenges are numerous, and the target results are just as exceptional. You will have the opportunity to present them as a team during technical and academic events, but also to demonstrate them to the public all over the world.

Join a "startup" environment, with techno fans ready to take on the wildest challenges. Code on 4K screens with Ryzen 16 cores because frankly, it's awesome! Have fun with C++ 17 and get high on lambda in a visiting pattern applied to a CRTP class. Code for Linux and Windows with Visual Studio 2017 (is it a troll?). Indulge yourself by pushing the performance limits of state-of-the-art algorithms, and turn science fiction into reality!

Your role

Man / woman with a master in computer science, you will:

  • Design, prototype, test and bring to production new technological bricks
  • Participate to the functional specifications with your project manager
  • Define the architectural specifications of subsystems, including their integration into our technologies and those of partners
  • Code, in C++ (and more), elegant and efficient solutions that meet the project's innovation objectives
  • Travel occasionally around the world to expose the fruits of your work and enjoy live performances of the assembly

Your technical profile

  • 5 years of experience and at least one major project involving C++, revision 11 at least (14 better, we are at 17)
  • Experience in design and development of distributed computing systems
  • Mastery of the STL (complexities, pros-cons of containers)
  • Experience with the BOOST library, knowledge of the serialization, multi-index, thread (boost or std 11), and MPI modules
  • Notions in network programming (Internet model: choice of transport layer, definition of the application layer, analysis of network frames)
  • A plus: knowledge in analytic geometry and graph algorithms, experience in autonomous agent based simulation
  • You speak French or English fluently, and can write technical documents in both languages

Your personal profile

  • Curious by nature, you like discovering new things
  • Team player, experience and success only serve to be shared
  • Volunteer and proactive, you throw yourself into the lion's den as soon as the need arises

Our offer

  • A nice and human-sized team
  • A top-notch working environment: incredible rigs, plane tickets with more legroom, the Village by CA with ping pong tournaments, giant screens and a great team ^^
  • A liberated and innovative corporate vision, allowing you to explore new challenges and exchange ideas
  • The possibility of evolving towards managerial responsibilities (or not if coding is your thing)
  • Permanent contract, 4-month trial period, Syntec agreement, 45-55k€ gross / year

Contact us

SAS ONHYS – Le Village by CA – Rue Claude Daunesse – 06560 Valbonne Sophia Antipolis